Hydrological studies

Modeling and GIS

Groundwater contracts and resource governance

Hydraulic developments (dams, rainwater harvesting, flood protection, artificial recharge

Climate and climate change

Master plans and regional plans

Some references :

Study to update the mathematical models of the Tadla aquifers and the involvement of users in
the participatory management of groundwater resources in the Tadla Azilal region (ABHOER)

Project: AGIRE – Support Program for Integrated Water Resources Management : Technical assistance for updating the digital model of the Bahira aquifer under Modflow at annual time intervals as part of the development of the aquifer contract (GIZ)

Restoration study of the natural lakes of the Sebou Basin (ABHS)

Hydrodynamic modeling study of the Cretaceous Errachidia-Boudnib basin aquifer system and the associated Quaternary aquifers. and delimitation of safeguarding and prohibition perimeters/BRGM technical assistance (ABHGZR)

Technical assistance relating to support for the implementation of the participatory management contract at the Meski-Boudenib axis as part of the irrigation development and agricultural adaptation project (ORMVA Tafilalet)

Study and development of the Chtouka aquifer contract, Chtouka Ait Baha Province (ABHSM)

Study to develop the Feija aquifer contract (ABHDON)

Study and technical assistance for the operational implementation of the development program for the Oriental region: Jerada, Figuig, Taourirt and Guercif Provinces_ANZAR-Infrastructures (Oriental Region Council)

Study of rainwater collection in the province of Khouribga (ABHBC)

Study of rainwater collection in the province of Khenifra (ABHBC)

Execution study of the project relating to the work to establish an interconnection system between the isolated lake and the main reservoir of the Mohamed V dam (ABHM)

Capacity building for inclusive preparation of groundwater contracts and adaptation to climate change for green growth (ANZAR-BRGM) (ABHOER)

Development of the drought management plan at the municipal level in the area of ​​action of the Bouregreg and Chaouia Hydraulic Basin Agency – (ANZAR Conseil group / OBERMEYER Planen+Beraten GmbH) (ABHBC)

Establishment of the master plan for the development of surface water resources through dams and hill lakes (ABHL)

Study of updating and integrated development of Water Resources in the area of ​​action of the Moulouya Hydraulic Basin Agency: Lot n°2: Kert, Isly and Zousfana hydraulic basins (ABHM)

Distribution of irrigation water

Hydro-agricultural development projects

Water and Soil Conservation and Rainwater Collection (CES and CEP)

Inventories of agricultural levies

Some references :

Provision of distribution of irrigation water to users of the Gharb perimeter (ORMVAG)

Technical assistance from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture of Sefrou in the execution of the rural development program for mountain areas (PDRZM) (ANZAR/Expert Consulting  Engineer group) (DPA Sefrou)

Study of water and soil conservation, identification and proposal of rainwater harvesting techniques in the areas of the southern slope of the Western High Atlas and the northern slope of the Anti Atlas (Ministry of Agriculture)

Study of the master plan for rainwater collection at the Sebou basin level (ABHS)

Master plan for rainwater collection in the city of Fez, Meknes and Ifrane (ABHS)

Inventory study of surface water samplers and development of a geographic database in the Ziz basin (ABHGZR)

Territorial planning, Urban planning

Social economy

Employment and investment

Some references :

Study of water resources for integrated rural development of the Bouguerroum area in the province of Khouribga (ABHOER)

Study on the Development of the Vulnerability Map of the Moroccan Coasts to Natural Risks and Accidental Marine Pollution Region of Guelmim oued Noun [ANZAR Conseil / iService] (DRETLE Guelmim – Oued Noun)

Studies relating to the development of urbanization suitability maps: Lot n°1: relating to the urban area of ​​Tiznit [ANZAR Conseil / iService] (Urban planning)

Technical assistance in terms of organization and technical and commercial supervision of economic interest groups and beneficiaries of pilot projects for women created within the framework of the paf – MCA program in the Fez – Meknes region (DRA Fès-Meknes)

Development and implementation of a communication strategy and preparation of a summary report of experiences and innovations PDRZM Sefrou Azilal [Sefrou and Azilal Mountain Zone [Development Program financed by IFAD/GEF] (Agency for Agricultural Development )

Support, monitoring, management and implementation of the socio-professional platform for young people in the province of Figuig (Province Figuig)

Operational hydrology

Assistance for project management

Some references :

Carrying out water measurements near hydrological stations and dams in the area of ​​action of the Hydraulic Basin Agency of Bouregreg and Chaouia -Marché Cadre- (ABHBC)

Carrying out hydrological and piezometric measurement campaigns in the area of ​​action of the Sebou Hydraulic Basin Agency – year 2019 (ABHS)

The overall regularization of all water points and water withdrawals in the Chtouka conservation area (ABHSM)

Physical archiving

Records Management


Digital solutions

Some references :

Management of the archives of the Casablanca Urban Agency (Casablanca Urban Agency)

Organization and processing of the liabilities of the archives of the Directorates of the Central Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Finance located at the Témara Archiving Center (Ministry of Economy and Finance)

Digitization and electronic archiving of the documentary funds of the Société Nationale des Autoroutes du Maroc (Autoroute Maroc)

Document scanning, filing and archiving services for the Partnership for Progress Agency (APP)

Processing of physical archives of the structures of the Customs and Indirect Tax Administration as well as the related training services: lot 1 Structures under the Regional Directorate of the Port of Casablanca (Customs and Indirect Tax Administration)

Consultant responsible for improving and upgrading the ANAPEC information system: lot 2 implementation of the ECM (Agence MCA Morocco)

Modernization of the archives management system of Bank Al-Maghrib (Bank Al Maghrib)

Sanitation component of existing archive funds at Bank Al-Maghrib headquarters

Management of electronic archiving of state civil servants’ files : daily processing on behalf of the General Treasury of the Kingdom in a single batch (General Treasury of the Kingdom)

Assistance and support mission for the Oriental Region Council in the implementation of its regional development program (Oriental Region Council)

Study for the development of a decision support tool for the protection of water resources for the benefit of the Water Research and Planning Department (DRPE)

Some references :

Creation of the regional master plan for continuing training for members of the councils of local authorities in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region for the period 2019-2021 [Ministry of the Interior]

Some references :

Consultation for a hydrogeological and drainage study of the Renault Tangier factory platform [Renault]

Study to establish protection perimeters around the Tit Mellil catchment field: Tit Mellil hydrogeological study [Lydec]