ANZAR CONSEIL is a multidisciplinary engineering, consulting and training office.

Created in 1999, ANZAR CONSEIL has gradually developed and diversified its activity.
ANZAR CONSEIL currently (2023) has to its credit, more than 300 references in various fields: studies (hydrology, hydrogeology, AEP and sanitation, territorial planning, urban planning, agriculture, environment, Social and Solidarity Economy, etc.); technical assistance (Works, irrigation services, water police, etc.) and also in cross-cutting areas (Information systems (GIS, EDM, etc.), Training, support, etc.).
These references are also of different scales (national, regional or local), scope (Strategies, plans, action plans, surveys, project execution studies, etc.), and nature (Institutional, organizational, technical, study, assistance, …).

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Our references were carried out on behalf of :

  • Ministerial departments [Departments of Hydraulics, Equipment, Environment, Finance, Agriculture, Education, Civil Service, Interior, Islamic Affairs, Culture and Communication, Crafts, Habitat, etc.] and local authorities [Regions, provinces, municipalities];
  • Public and semi-public entities [The High Commission for Planning, Bank Al Maghrib, Archives of Morocco, Water Basin Agencies, Urban Agencies, ORMVA, ONEE, ONCF, Autoroute Maroc, ONHYM, ‘ANDZOA, ANP, Marsa Maroc, …];
  • National and international private entities [Al Mada, Sotherma, Domaine de Douiet, BRGM, Lafarge, Lydec, Renault, etc.].

Furthermore, many of these services were financed by international funders and organizations [World Bank, FAO, MCA, Belgian Cooperation ENABEL, GIZ, KFW, French Development Agency AFD, Kuwait Development Fund, etc.].

The evolution and diversification of ANZAR CONSEIL’s activity have been accompanied by the strengthening of its human resources and partnerships:

  • ANZAR CONSEIL has built up multidisciplinary human capital supervised by recognized experts ;
  • ANZAR CONSEIL uses a large network of high-level independent consultants in order to complete its offer with specific profiles ;
  • ANZAR CONSEIL has signed cooperation agreements [Mohammedia School of Engineers of Rabat, Scientific Institute – Mohammed V University of Rabat, National School of Agriculture of Meknes, etc.]. These agreements relate in particular to consulting-engineering-expertise, but also to university and professional training and Research Development ;
  • ANZAR CONSEIL is a partner in groups with other national companies and laboratories [LPEE, CID, NOVEC, RESING, etc.] or foreign ones [BRGM, CACG, ANTEA, DHI, etc.].

ANZAR CONSEIL’s services are framed by our system of values :

The quality

The quality of the responses, advice, services and contributions provided to clients is at the heart of ANZAR CONSEIL’s actions and concerns.


For each ANZAR CONSEIL employee, integrity is essential. Each employee behaves in a fair and honest manner. He avoids putting himself in a situation where he would be indebted to anyone who could unduly influence him in the exercise of his duties.


ANZAR CONSEIL gives priority to collaborative and team work. Openness, mutual trust, mutual assistance and collaboration are at the very heart of this inclusive work.

Each member of ANZAR CONSEIL carries out their tasks with professionalism. He uses his knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the desired results. He is responsible for his decisions and actions as well as the judicious use of the resources and information made available to him.

ANZAR CONSEIL is committed to providing its employees with the environment, training and tools necessary for them to carry out their missions and tasks.

  • Nearly 200 employees
  • More than 300 references
  • 33 thousand inventoried farms representing an irrigated area of nearly 170 thousand ha covering around twenty aquifer units
  • 50 thousand ha surveyed annually : rotations carried out and land surveys
  • More than 40 thousand flow measurements and 33 thousand piezometric measurements carried out within the framework of dedicated markets in the hydraulic basins of Sebou, Moulouya, Loukkos, Sakia Hamra and Oued Eddahab. Many of the studies carried out also include hydrometric measurement activities and which concerned other basins and aquifers in the Kingdom
  • More than a hundred hydrometric and hydrological stations monitored in three hydraulic basins: Sebou, Bouregreg and Moulouya
  • Annual turnover (excluding taxes):
Year Turnover (Millions of Dh excluding taxes)
2022 29.3
2021 31.5
2020 31.3